Class 85, Roman athlete, has always competed in many sports, but with the Ultimate Team reaches its size.

Freeride and Freestyle are the disciplines that prefers. He trains regularly in his home spot, at Ostia, where he runs the KSR (kitesurfroma) one of the most renowned schools of central Italy, materials testing center and Ultimate hire. True promoter of Kitelife, Andy does not get bored! With excellent taste photographic and video expertise is often called upon to make videos of the brand.

So if you find yourself in the vicinity of Rome, you can not not visit! Andy will welcome you with his funny crew.



Team leader of the south of Lazio, Davide practice kitesurfing in one of the windiest summer beaches of central Italy.

He knew the kite in 2008, when close to the beach where was the summer with his family, he saw every day a group of riders who met and liked to go overboard trying adrenaline and carefree, from then on he began to practice it up it becomes a disease from which no longer wants to heal.




Andrea was one of the first national rider to believe in our project and the team Ultimate Kiteboarding has supplied it immediately with the Photonic V1, appreciating the style and passion for kite and recognizing the technical competence and ability to create positive vibrations in every spot where surfs.

Class 77, Andrea trains with passion, finding the equipment Ultimate, perfect to improve his scathing hooked and unhooked style.

You can see he in the surf spots of Ostia and Fregene in all wind conditions and sea using our Surf boards, it has launched the new discipline of the moment: the strapless riding.



True athlete All Terrain, powerful and precise in freestyle, radical and stylish in Strapless Wave. Born in 1979 Carlo is one of the first in his home spot of Latina Lido to appreciate and engage in kite surfing. It trains regularly in all conditions of wind and sea, exponentially increasing its repertoire freestyle power with power unhooked moves.

Thanks to its qualities and abilities, participating in several contests and national and international competitions, with placings and victories that are appreciated for its unique style and powerful. Just in August 2012 in Kenya he won the third place in the Open Freestyle category in the international stage of Africa, equipped by Ultimate Kiteboarding. The true spirit of Carlo is what drives every true athlete competing first against himself and to constantly search for the perfect condition. It is the constant search for this condition that he does a lot of traveling in search of the best spots for the world and to bring it closer to its true nature: the wave style. Equipped by Ultimate Kiteboarding is now one of the strongest and most radical wave riders, expressing a powerful style on the waves and freestyle maneuvers both strapless strap on that. He competed in many Italian wave contest, including the Kia Wave Contest Sardinia and Lazio Wave Contest valid for the national championship wave.



Italian rider who showed us right away incredible athletic skills, learning, and service to our research and development department, thanks to his academic training.