The new Photonic Control Bar reaches its third edition.

The V3 comes with attractive graphics, where it lacks the classic style of the red and blue, united by color. For this edition, the crew has focused heavily on the comfort and safety, in fact floaters united to end bars, are safer as they avoid the front line when wing hang getting stuck under the bar, creating what unpleasant infinite kiteloop where the risk of getting hurt and break the equipment are very high.

The end bars are super soft, in order to prevent sudden crash, which may create inconveniences us and our kitesurf boards.

The depower is covered with plastic to make it durable.

The as with SLE kite front line are much thicker than the back line, they are those that have increased load.

The Photonic Bar is a toolbar for use with all kite without special trim.

An example of simplicity and effectiveness.





Progression and power, unique affinity for those who wish to exaggerate with a simple and dynamic table.

The Prism V2 is the right compromise of a versatile and easy table, where the maneuvers both Hooked Unhoked that are simple to perform without removing power.

Bolina upper and stability in gait

The new Ultimate 2016 Prisma ranks among the freeride and freestyle-wakestyle, taking the best from both. Compared to the previous model is equipped with a greater upwind and ease of glide, features expertly accompanied by an excellent combination of stiffness and flexibility of the board be able to provide the user with an exceptional pop used in both flat sea, which with sea choppato . The sensation during use is to have an extremely stable and comfortable table to toe, is able to release all its qualities during the freestyle. The geometry and dimensions also ensure user soft landings compounds and also as a result of difficult newschool maneuvers. The presence of 5 mounting bushings for the side in addition to providing an accurate setting of the pad, it also allows an easy installation of botts for freestyle, and it is with these that the qualities described above are most appreciated by the freestyle enthusiasts. The graphics, made with innovative techniques able to withstand UV rays and prevent it from discoloring, is a prismatic cleavage, wherein the combination of warm and cool colors, and the use of numerous color shades provide the graphics of the table all the peculiarities to be likened to an oil on canvas futuristic.



Only for top riders: this is the concept on the basis of which the dizziness was developed.

A weapon of wakestyle designed for all those riders who during their releases have only two

things in mind: style and power.

Even more explosiveness, more control, more resistance. These are the concepts on which we focused during the development of new Dizziness. This year the freestyle board / wakestyle home Ultimate Kiteboarding will amaze you. Designed for all those riders of all levels with leading only the desire of fun, adrenaline and satisfaction, in any sea conditions and wind. Do not worry about anything else. In flat water or chop, at sea or in the cable park, the dizziness is just waiting to be tested.




Jump, jump, jump, jump … this is your thinking at every exit with the kite, your mind pushes the body to put more air between you and the water, well … we know … it happens to our riders !! The Prisma is designed as a tool freestyle / new school and was built for the needs of the best Ultimate Kiteboarding team riders and all those who seek devastating performance in all conditions, because for them every outing is a workout.

Pop and ultra reactive power with a stiff flex and the outline on the tip off, to explode any request for unhooked maneuver, without sacrificing comfort and navigation. The Prisma has a hull 4V channels that allows the shape to get early planing, easy landings, to stay comfortable at high speeds and in the midst of the chops.






The 2016 is the year of the evolution of our brand, in fact, after several tests and a constant work of co-working with the Team Ultimate Kiteboarding, we are glad to introduce spearhead of Kiteboading Ultimate Collection.

The Excellence as the little sister Photonic V3 will have a major imprint identified by the graphic PRO (research & developlment PRO for competition)

This year we wanted to overdo it by creating a completely new kite, which contains the name of all its characteristics where excellence is the master.

Oriented freestyle / wakestyle newschool and conceived for the most demanding riders who expect the total control, which is in the a-hoocked maneuvers, in kiteloop, or in the simple water relaunching.

Regardless of your level, the Excellence will push you give the best in all your session, improve your style, and try to find that maneuver until now enclosed just in your fantasy.

Its new generation C-shape 3-struts, joined to a bridle system designed to the millimeter, makes the Excellence a stable kite, intuitive and present on the bar.

During your session you’ll always know where it is, at any time and in any situation (even upside down!). The materials are worthy of an excellent product.

Ultimate Kiteboarding has chosen to use the innovative fabric even reaching 3® resistance lines, characterized by extreme durability and resistance, as well as a very low permeability and deformability.

The result is an ultra-rigid structure that gives the kite agility, but especially extreme ease of relaunch from the water, in any condition.

The details are not from less: one-pump system with inflation valves / deflation extra-large, reinforcements in the most subject to wear points, ability to customize the kite speed acting on the tips of the attachment points.

Designed for a style FREESTYLE NEW SCHOOL high performance, as well as being perfect for a style more freeride.



Ultimate Kiteboarding presents for 2017 a wing with unique performances, which will facilitate the rider in styles where this wing is the queen.

The Photonic V3 will have a major imprint identified by the graphic PRO (research & developlment PRO for competition)

Designed by one wave style ultra high performance, as well as being perfect for a more freeride style.

The PHOTONIC V3 as previous versions is one of the most stable sails in the world, already with only 6 nodes.

One of the strong points of this sail is the 3-bladder, in fact the Photonic is one of the first wings on the market to use this system, which is now the world’s most used.



Ultimate Kiteboarding presents for 2013 a wing developed for use by all. Our aim was immediately realize wing intuitive, durable and stable in all situations, in simple words, as close as possible to the wishes expressed by riders, and not agonists, around the various Italian and international spot. Thus was born PHOTONIC V1 a wing that is simply a summary of what a kite today must have.

One wing all terrain will give you the maximum in both the freestyle wave. The PHOTONIC V1 will take you to the “next level” is that you’re a “neat freak” hooked or unhooked, or “radical” o strapless strap on. Made with bladder 3, the structure of the kite gains lightness, but three years of testing and development have enabled us to also work to make it extremely durable, stable in air, easy re-launch and performing.

STABILITY ‘: The PHOTONIC V1 is one of the most stable in the world sails, already with only of 6 nodes. There are no other words to describe briefly this sail. Of course none of us will ask you to go out to train with of 6 nodes, but it will surely be pleased to know that the PHOTONIC V1 it does not stall.

The secret lies in our 3 bladder structure. This allowed us to minimize the weight and balance better the wing, without giving up a strong structure and with the right stiffness. In particular, the choice not to use the ONE PUMP system allows the bladder to be inflated at a constant pressure and to best carry out its function, fully stretching the entire wing surface.

RELAUNCHING: Let’s be honest! Who does not happen to not be able to close a maneuver? Who does not happen to be swallowed up by the wave? Honestly!!! To all !!! The PHOTONIC V1 has been developed on a simple concept, but important: the wing of the kite must start as easily as possible and as quickly as possible from the water, both in flat conditions with powerful and formed wave. The conformation of the 4-wire shape, allows the PHOTONIC V1 to restart the water in a predictable way and with disarming ease, regardless of your level of experience. Thanks to the structure made specifically for position immediately on the tip, just act on the lines to relaunch the PHOTONIC V1. This will let you can exercise more easily, faster and improve your style.